Election time!

Are you ready to be inundated with political ads?

It's that time again for the rectangular lawn ornaments also known as political signs to spring up throughout the different cities.

Home Inspection questions

There are a lot of questions surrounding home inspections, such as, Should everyone get a home inspection? How long do the inspections usually take? Should we as the potential home buyers attend the inspection? How much do inspections typically cost?

Here are some answers to those questions,


Should everyone get a home inspection?

I wish I could golf in the winter...

truth be told, I wish I could golf  in the summer also. What could be better than chasing after a little white ball on a perfect spring day with friends? The gentle hills, the sun's warmth on your sleeveless arms, lining up an eight foot putt that breaks slightly to the left, the hole that somehow looks smaller the closer you get to it, maybe it's because you know the ridicule from those so called friends will be increased should you happen to get the yips and push that putt to the right.

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